Covid Relief Work

During the first and second wave of Corona Virus in India from 2020 to 2021, the India Heritage Research Foundation, in partnership with like-minded organisations, provided widespread and deeply impactful service, bringing hope and healing to many. These efforts from March 2020 through 2021, in cooperation and conjunction with the State Government of Uttarakhand, focused primarily on providing oxygen and making it more available for all, providing essential facilities and resources to Covid-positive patients for their health and recovery, bringing hope, health and healing as well as numerous other efforts to uplift and inspire individuals at this time of crisis. Some of those initiatives are highlighted below:

Establishment of 100-Bed Covid Care Centre

Parmarth’s Yoga Centre and Yoga Hall in addition to the Parmarth Charitable Hospital were converted into a 100 bed COVID-Care Centre, with fully-equipped oxygen concentrators/cylinders, essential medical supplies and dedicated medical team. Whilst the premises were offered for this noble cause by Parmarth Niketan, IHRF supported to provide the necessary equipment and resources to provide the necessary care for the patients. Doctors and healthcare professionals from AIIMS Rishikesh and the State Government graciously joined these efforts and utilized these resources for those in need. We are proud to share that all the patients from the centre were successfully treated, fully recovered and safely returned home.

Free Ambulance Services

Two Ambulances were deployed to provide free door-to-door services such as transporting patients to hospitals and providing oxygen cylinders to places in need. They also reached out to remote villages in rural regions of the Himalayas, in which the villagers have little to no access to a hospital and/or medical care and provided much needed medicines and covid care supplies.

Life-Giving Oxygen Supplies

In addition, we provided 100 Oxygen Concentrators to local government hospitals and medical centres which were in dire shortage, ensuring that the people could have access to life-giving oxygen.

Free Vaccination Services

In cooperation with the Parmarth Charitable Hospital testing and vaccinations were conducted under the supervision of a professional Medical Team provided by the State Government.

Free Medical Kits & Supplies

Medical kits and essentials such as oxymeters, steam machines, etc were provided to many patients who either could not afford them or did not have access. These kits were also provided to local hospitals in need of them.

We supported several Rural Villages in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh with provision of essential medicines and supplies for Covid-positive patients. Additionally we supported villages in Ayodhya and many other areas.

Free Meals & Shelter

Free meals and shelter were been given to those in need during this state of lockdown and extended curfews to ensure nobody went hungry near and around Swargashram, Rishikesh. Every day hundreds of people were fed  hot, sattvic and nutritious meals.

Serving Rural India

Rural villages in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh were supported to ensure medicines and essentials reached those in need. These villages included  Ayodhya,Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, and many others.

Promoting Hope, Health & Healing

In addition to the logistic provision of much-needed supplies, IHRF leaders and community members offered daily online programs to keep people healthy in body, mind and spirit throughout the pandemic. From programs inspiring and urging people to observe Covid Safe Protocols to free online daily yoga and meditation classes we worked tirelessly to reach and help people across the world.

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