Rural Development

In different rural areas on the banks of Ganga and in the nearby hilly areas is our special Rural Development Program to enable eco-friendly, self-sufficient lives and to foster a truly clean, green and serene Uttarakhand and India.

The Rural Development Program’s components include:

  • Solid Waste Management, Sanitation & Hygiene Programmes – IHRF has been deeply and actively involved in programmes to improve hygiene and sanitation including construction of toilets, water filtration programs, training of sanitation workers, menstrual hygiene education as well as programs to raise awareness about keeping villages and communities clean and healthy are imparted through periodic outreach and training initiatives and campaigns.
  • Tree Plantation Program – several hundred tree saplings have been gifted to devotees and dignitaries in large events in order to spread the message of the importance of tree plantation and to inspire the masses to follow suit and plant trees. Additionally, mass tree plantation has been undertaken in the Himalayan region – please see more details in the Tree Plantation section below.
  • Gaushala and Cow Care Program & Organic Gardening Program – IHRF is working to promote eco-friendly and sustainable, organic, chemical-free methods of farming, by supporting several of its own organic farms that provide fresh chemical free vegetables to its Gurukuls and centres, in addition to gaushalas and cow care homes where cows are sheltered, cared for, treated by veterinarians and fed organic feed.
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