The Encyclopedia of Hinduism

The spiritual and cultural tradition of India—like the river Mother Ganga—is alive and vibrant; its spirit is boundless, and it embraces and nourishes all life through which it flows. The time has come to capture the roots of this heritage for universal good and human welfare.India’s cultural heritage is multi-stranded and complex, forming an intricate tapestry of wisdom, insight, and tradition. The timeless truths are available and beneficial to people of all religions, all faiths and all walks of life. Hinduism is not a dogma, but rather a way of life that brings depth, richness, integrity, understanding, and meaning to our daily lives.

Despite the influence of Hinduism across the globe, India’s spiritual heritage is widely misunderstood in the West. It has become imperative to provide an authentic, objective, scholarly, standardized, and comprehensive source of reference and information. We hope that this Encyclopedia will provide a better understanding of Hinduism, deepen inter-cultural dialogue, and serve as a standard reference for students, teachers, seekers, and anyone interested in the world’s oldest living tradition.

To encapsulate India’s spiritual and cultural heritage in a single literary portfolio is an enormous task. Nevertheless, under the inspiration of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the Founder and Chairman, India Heritage Research Foundation has accomplished the momentous challenge of publishing the first, complete, authentic multi-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism. This encyclopedia is a comprehensive compilation of the vast ocean of knowledge, history, and experience that constitutes Indian culture.

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